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Embedded Aircard Dell E6330 and Gobi 3000

Help please, so I have a Executive with a Dell E6330 and a Gobi 3000 Verizon embedded aircard. everything seems to work fine, but everytime we launch VZaccess manager it polls the aircard and then as it finishes it makes a strange tweet tweet sound and displays the signal strength and is ready for use.

I dont se any issues but this sound everytime makes me wonder about issues and is very annoying to the end user.

Anyone know what this sound is for or indicating? I want to be able to tell the end user if its normal why others dont have the sound its strange and hard to describe.

Thanks fbaggs

Re: Embedded Aircard Dell E6330 and Gobi 3000
Customer Support

Help is here fbaggs! I know how annoying unwanted sounds can be and we can perform some trouble-shooting for your issue. I was unable to locate the aircard in our system. Is this the model number of the air card or the Pc? Is there a phone number associated with the aircard. You can send us a private message with the phone number so we can review the type of aircard the Executive is using. Also, have you checked the notification settings on the PC to ensure its not set up to produce a sound when the internet connects. The sound may just simply be a connection notification that occurs when the signal is connecting you to the network. This sound can also be found on our mobile phone devices that make calls. When the phone connects with the network and the network connects the call, a customer may here a sound or our company's name. Once we can identify the aircard we can investigate further.

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Re: Embedded Aircard Dell E6330 and Gobi 3000

First of all we need to know what OS your laptop is using.  I would assume Win7x64.  Please post back and let us know what we are working with.

Secondly, VZAccess Manager software is only required for 3G/4G LTE connections.  Please confirm if this tweet is heard for all wireless connections or just the connections to the VZW network.

Third, each OS has an area that controls the configuration of various events and any sounds that can be associated with them.  On Win7 you can find this area by searching for "Change System Sounds" from the Start Menu search bar.  Scroll through the list of events and see if you can find an area registered to VZW Access Manager or any connection software loaded onto the machine.  Configure the machine accordingly.

Finally, check out this configuration guide to VZAM:

There is a section that mentions the option to play a sound whenever a text message is recieved.  Perhaps that is the origin of your tweeting sound.