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Excess MiFi data usage

We live in the country and don't have adequate DSL/broadband service. We use Verizon wireless for internet. We have 2 jet packs, one associated with an IMAC desktop, the other associated with an Apple laptop. We do not download movies or listen to music using these devices. The jet pack associated with the desktop uses an excessive amount of data and puts us over our data plan almost every month. The desktop will use up to 30GB of data whereas the jet pack associated with the laptop may use 6 GB per month. Cellular data using our phones is not an issue. In reviewing the usage log, large amounts of data are logged during the night on a regular basis, like 2:01 am but only one this one jetpack. I turn both the computer and the jetpack off at night or anytime I am away from the house. My husband does neither, leaving both on in sleep mode overnight. We use Activity Monitor and there is no correlation to the usage that is reported on that app and what we are being charged by Verizon. From reading other posts on this topic, it seems like Verizon does not have an answer. I am tired of blinding paying overages with no solution as to how to avoid.

Is there anyone to speak to get this problem diagnosed and solved?

Re: Excess MiFi data usage

Do you have automatic updates turned on for the desktop?

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Re: Excess MiFi data usage
Customer Support

Unexplained data usage is always exasperating, RTWPICK. Let's unravel this mystery. Ann154 had a great question regarding automatic updates. These can wake both the computer and jetpack and do consume quite a bit of data. I've personally seen my laptop wake from deep sleep to update in the middle of the night. Also, is the computer completely powered off through the start menu, or set to sleep/hibernate?

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