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FIVESPOT 3G keeps disconneting

 I have the Verizon FIVESPOT wireless device.  Got it at a Verizon store about 3 days ago.  Last night it disconnected from the inernet, but all the proper lights were lit for battery, connectivity,and 3G.  I  used the VZ Access Manager minimized in my tray and "connected" again.  Then, about 5-7 minutes later it disconnected again.  Same proceedure, I used my VZ Access Manager and connected.  Then it went to 2 mintues, then about 1 minute before disconnecting.  Then it would connect and then stay on only for about 10 seconds or so before disconnecting.


Is there an issue with this NEW device?  Should I take it back to the MyVerizon store I got it at and do an exchange?  Battery is all charged.  I had it directly connected to my computer via the supplied accessory USB cable, and I use Internet Connect Sharing for myself and the 2 other computers in our household that connect to the internet.  I, and our other computers are running Windows XP Pro with SP3 installed.  It was working prett well the first day, stayed on all the time.  Now it is doing this.  It does work as a stand alone Wi-Fi hotspot as I tried it last night on my wife's laptop with her wireless card.  She could connect with it then, and the other light for Wi-Fi use also showed up as solid green.


Any ideas?


Re: FIVESPOT 3G keeps disconneting
Verizon Employee

Hi vljenewein,


I am sorry to learn of the issue. Perhaps you can try power cycling the Fivespot to see if it refreshes the signal and stays connected. If you still are having the issue, it would be suggested to get it exchanged before the end of your 14 day worry free guarantee. It being a new device should not be operating without a data connection being established for use. 


Another thing you can try is manually change the default "5 Spot" Wi-Fi settings from Auto to Manual and the device will work in these high density areas. You made will need to connect Fivespot via WiFi in a clear environment. Then change WebGUI setting from Auto Channel to any specific channel as detailed out below. Once connected to your 5-Spot's WiFi, open an internet browser to login into the 5-Spot. In the address space of the internet browser enter: to connect to the 5-Spot's interface. Enter your credentials user name: admin and password admin and click on Login. Once into the 5-Spot menu, click on Wi-Fi Settings in the top menu, then click on Basic in the settings menu. Choose a dedicated Frequency/ Channel from the Frequency (Channel) dropdown menu. Channels 2 and 9 are are good choices as they are not close to the most frequently used channels, 6 and 11, which should be avoided. Once selected, click on Apply in the lower right corner of the screen. Applying these settings will cause the WiFi on the 5-Spot to reset. This can be observed on the device as the WiFi indicator light goes out briefly then comes back on. VZAM should automatically reconnect to the service on the dedicated channel. Close the internet browser session and the device is ready for use on the newly selected channel.


Refer to this reference below:

Re: FIVESPOT 3G keeps disconneting

I have the same problem with my Samsung 4G.  I can't access (though I can to make the changes you suggest.  It sounds like you are saying that the problem may have to do with density.  I've talked to tech support and they are suggesting replacing the unit and/or putting in a repair work order.  I would like to try your suggestion first but can't access that page.