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Fed up with Verizons slow EVERYTHING!

I have had Verizon wireless for a long time. Up until they went to 4g, my service wasn`t too bad. I live so close to a new tower now that I can see it from my rooftop. My service is slower than dialup, when I can stay connected. I have tried 4 different modems on my desktop and laptop running win xp. I`ve called customer service and they run me through all kinds of tests and checks, uninstall and reinstall, system checks, etc. Every time my system is right. This has been going on for over a year. I have even installed external antennas on my roof to help get a signal, 3 different antennas too. I`ll dial up to Verizon internet and have 3-4 bars on top and 3 on the bottom (1x). Then after 2-3 minutes it goes to no bars and disconnects. Then in 1 minute it reconnects with 3-4 bars etc. This has been happening at all times of the day and night with different computers and modems. I live just south of Roanoke,Alabama and they just put in a new tower less than 1/2 mile from my house (as a bird flies). I get no better service since the new tower went up than I did before it went up.  Everytime I call customer support they say there is nothing wrong with their system and there have been no complaints. I HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING!!!!!  Everybody in my area that has Verizon wireless say their service is bad too, but Verizon won`t do anything about it. They even claim I`m in a 3g area!!  I`m fed up with them now. My contract is up in a couple months and I will NOT keep my service with Verizon and will recommend to everybody to NOT waste their money on Verizon.  Then I read where Verizon is laying off thousands of employees because they don`t need them and paying their CEO millions each year...for what?  Verizons service has gone down hill these past few years and I`ve had enough of paying $60 a month to sit and look at a screen than doesn`t go anywhere!! 

Verizon is good at talking the talk but they really drop the ball when it comes to following through.  For $60 a month I`ll go with a sat dish for my internet and have the speed and reliability Verizon promised THEY had when I signed up.

I HIGHLY recommend everybody avoid Verizon wireless.

Re: Fed up with Verizons slow EVERYTHING!
Customer Support

Dansimonds, I regret to hear about the issues you've experienced with slow speeds in your area. I do show this as a 3G area, but no 4G towers in the area, so that should not affect you. What device are you using? Have we ever submitted a trouble ticket on this line for you?

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