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Forget UML290, I'm ready to go back to dialup

In January 2008 I began using USB720 modem. Worked beautifully 2.5 years, had to replace it last August. The replacement UML290 has been a pain ever since. Constantly loses connection.

I live in a state (VA) that does not have 3G.

Verizon tech support has tried everything, I finally asked for a new device. That didn’t work any better. I updated to and thought that would solve the problem, the Access Mgr screen had a big red 3G on it. Yes!

NO. Today it’s mostly 2G, constantly dropping the signal and going dormant.

It is my uneducated opinion that corners were cut somewhere, making the UML290 inferior to the USB720. Having Vista OS and living in a rural area probably don’t help, either. I'm not a technie, so don't understand half of what I read on these boards, but I'd sure like to know if anyone else has had this nightmare.

Re: Forget UML290, I'm ready to go back to dialup
Verizon Employee

Hello nanfox,

I used to own a Pantech UML290 4G usb modem. I love the way that it folds up to fit in your pocket when not in use. May I ask what city in Virginia are you in? I want to check for any network enhancements in the area that may effect your service. Also, are you using a laptop? Below are a couple of troubleshooting steps that you can try to get this issue resolved. They are as follows:

  • Remove and reinsert the SIM card on the usb modem.
  • Uninstall VZ Access Manager and reboot the computer. Reinstall the VZ Access Manager from the CD.
    • Here's a link to download from the website if you lost the CD -
  • After installation check for drive conflicts in Device Manager.
  • Verify that the anti-virus or firewall isn't blocking VZ Access Manager from connecting to the internet.

Once you have tried the steps above then please retest your internet connectivity with the usb modem. If you are having the same issue then please reply to this posting for additional assistance.

Thank you...


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Re: Forget UML290, I'm ready to go back to dialup

Thanks for you interest, but I think it’s a lost cause.

I live in Burgess, VA, have a desktop.

A Verizon customer service person already dispatched an engineer to check

the tower (at least she said she did…)

I have:

removed/reinserted SIM card

uninstalled/reinstalled VZAM

The problem is that it is inconsistent. Occasionally I can go for hours

with no disconnects. At other times, I’m lucky if I get 90 seconds.

It doesn’t seem to misbehave as much on my 6-year-old Toshiba with XP OS,

which is placed near my desktop (Dell with Vista), which is my primary

computer and the one I’m having problems with.

Everyone ignores my main question: why can’t the UML290 give me the same

good performance that the USB720 did?!

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 11:20 AM, ArnettH_VZW <

Re: Forget UML290, I'm ready to go back to dialup

I have the same issue you do (well, we finally got 3G here, but  I've dealt with dial-up like connections using the 3G modem).

You shouldn't need 3G access to get good performance from this modem.

Here's what I did to make mine faster. (I am not a representative of Verizon, and they would likely not support my method, but it worked for both my desktop and laptop, so I'm going with it)

Uninstall the VZAccess Manager seems to interfere with the device and seems to do constant polling of the system, causing "confusion" for the device.

Remove all your current network connections and recreate them (or at least one) with the USB modem plugged in.

Don't access the network via the "NationalAccess - BroadbandAccess" link that shows on the taskbar - just plug the modem in and allow it to find the connection via the network connection you created.

I've had very good luck (and only one or two disconnects) in months after doing this on my laptop. With that success, about 3 months ago, I did the same for my desktop machine and have no issues with it, either.

Re: Forget UML290, I'm ready to go back to dialup

Same with me.  I had 3G service for YEARS with NO disconnects...when I was forced into Pantech 290 3G/4G.  An "upgrade."  We went from pillar to post ending with a rep driving to my area to confirm my signal was good.  Da!  Often the signal IS good!!!  But am living with a modem that requires re-booting almost every day AND has sporadic speed.  Sometimes it is jumping fast..but other times (daily) it will stutter, taking 30 seconds to sit then suddenly, wham!, the page loads.  Am convinced Verizon is wearing us all down to the point we accept the shoddy connections.  Don't get me wrong, all I have spoken to are nice as pie.  But none can solve my/our problems.  I gave up 6 months ago and learn to take re-booting (daily?) in stride.  I live in a strong 3G area with 4G east and west of me AND.......AND.....within 2 miles of a Verizon tower!!!  And I live on a high hill.  I can SEE the freaking tower!!!   We are being conditioned to accept this because, indeed, it often works just fine.  Just as I am about to blow a gasket, the damn Pantech begins to hum.  After a couple of hours my blood pressure returns to normal.  But gone is the trust I had for 2-3 years in my old 3G modem....and Verizon Wireless.