Gateway LT2016u WiFi Won't Turn On - Connection Failed



I cannot turn on the wifi on my gateway netbook


if i press the wifi button on the wifi icon appears on the screen but with a red circle and slash through it


3g connection / light is off


ive tried repairing local area connection ---> windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed. Connecting to the wireless network


wireless network adapter under the network connections shows not connected


ive manually added a dns address from a previous post but that didnt work


ive gone through vzam  option on disabling auto 3g - no go


ive gone through the network wizard - no go as well


after rebooting i turn off and 3g then wifi then off - i basically toggled the wireless button back and forth in frustration - FINALLY THE WIFI CAME ON....but then wifi turned off automatically


device manager shows the wireless adapter and drivers and device status says its working...but it obviously isn;t


what the?