Getting "SMWAN Error Code 2028" in VZAccess Manager

I am using a Sierra Wireless AC595 Modem and have had this working properly in my ThinkPad for several months now.  Today, I can't connect, and I keep getting "SMWAN Error Code 2028" in VZAccess Manager, version 6.5.5 (1946c).


I have googled various parts of this phrase with no usable results, and the help file has no information on this error.


Here is the sequence of events:


* Start up VZAccess Manager, get status message on bottom that says "Device not inserted"

* Insert the card

* Lights start flashing on card, then goes solid.

* Get a tiny dialog box that says "SMWAN Error Code 2028" and the clickable buttons are "Retry" or "Cancel".  Clicking "Retry" does not resolve anything.  "Cancel" does something, namely, it brings up another dialog:

      Detecting wireless devices
      Please wait while your wireless devices are detected
      Sierra Wireless AC595 Modem Device

* Loop to previous step.


Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on?  Or where I can get real help for this?



- Dan

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Re: Getting "SMWAN Error Code 2028" in VZAccess Manager
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Have you tried calling Verizon's tech support?  Sometimes, they can diagnose a problem properly!  :smileyhappy:  (Just not 100% of the time)