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HELP! MiFi or JetPack

I currently have a hotspot on my iphone, thats what I use for my internet on my mac desktop and my windows lap top. I want to change  to either a Jetpack or a MiFi. The only problem I have is that I live out in the country, not to far out but still out here. My question is what do you guys recommend? I have read both the pros and cons on both devises. My hotspot on my phone is just to slow i want something better. Thx.

Re: HELP! MiFi or JetPack

External antenna.

I live in the boondocks of Weston, Colorado 81091 six months a year and from June 2010 to June 2012 I got perfect reception with a USB 760 and external antenna that showed -66 dBM.  I live high atop a mesa with great panoramas.  I can see an AT&T cell tower from my property.

Almost exactly two years to the date my reception becomes dial-up speed. Can't watch a video, can't run Live Update for Norton Anti-Virus, can only do plain jane email stuff. I've called in at least six or seven times and reception would improve after a trouble ticket was filed, but then a week later it would go back to the slow dial-up speeds.  Last time I called in the tech service people whined about me calling in so much.  Others told me my device was two years old and needed to be replaced.

So last week I upgraded to a MiFi4620L Jetpack f3f9.  Did not improve my performance, in fact it is worse. So I called in again and still same old marginal area speak from Tech Service.  Well, I still register four bars and my -66 dBm still registers.

I am not happy with Verizon Wireless Broadband and tech service.  I suspect a cell tower problem or my access speed has been slowed by Verizon. My speed has been greatly throttled back and I only use less than 5GB a month. My plan is not unlimited.

Why would it work perfectly for two years and then all of a sudden doesn’t work perfect, even with the latest technology and my upgrade to a Jetpack? This is a VERY sparsely populated area. So I know the bandwidth is not being over burdened.

Very confused.  Please fix my problem.  Add a cell tower to this area. Or please put me out of my misery and cancel my service with NO termination fee. Please.

Re: HELP! MiFi or JetPack

right now I would NOT recommend a jetpack ..... Im in Houston, 3-4 bars usually..... wont complete downloads, fails speed test probibally 50% of the time, the other 40% is slower than anything I have ever seen