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HP Mini 210-1076

I have the Broadband 5G 59.95 plan and have had it for quite sometime now, I need to cut back and my contract isn't up til 12/2012. I tried to downgrade to a cheaper plan but when I tried the website said that I would have to upgrade to the IPAD. I don't think this is fair for Verizon to put me in this situation. Times are tough for everyone and you are trying to make a buck while I'm just trying to get by and make it through this rough time in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I would really like to keep the computer if i could just get a cheaper plan that works. My daughter could use the computer, but she has internet service where she is living. Could I drop the plan and keep the computer for her to use without paying for the termination since it's really not my fault that you don't have another plan I could use? Or do i have to return the computer and still pay the fees? If I would have known that this would happen after this first year I have had this thing, I probably would have never gotten it.


Somebody help please...  

Re: HP Mini 210-1076

I feel your pain. Verizon's data plan pricing on different devices is absolutely rediculous. It seems to me that if they offer $20 1 Gig /mo and $35 3Gig/mo plans on 3G mi-fi's and tablets, they should offer them on modems and notebooks too.  This infuriates me all the more since I signed up for a $39 plan and all I got (and still get) on it is 250 MEG/mo. Only saving grace there is that I don't need it often and can use wi-fi just about everywhere anyway so i couldn't justify $60 for 5 Gig back then ($50 now). It's sad. These money-minded business execs need to get a clue about fair value for dollar to the consumer, and quit bowing to investor pressor for higher profit margins and fatter dividends.


Yes I know that appeals like yours and mine get nothing but a laugh in the face and a pointed finger at us suckers as they laugh at us all the way to the bank, but we Americans have only ourselves to blame for a weak-kneed government incapable of properly regulating the wireless industry as it should, thanks to our apathy to lobbists and lawyers buying off Republican congressmen to assure the industry remains unregulated.

Re: HP Mini 210-1076

Mrs-boss, currently our Mobile Broadband plans for the Netbooks are $50 for the 5GB or $80 for the 10 GB. The $20 and $35 data plans are currently only available for Tablets. 


Click here for Mobile Broadband Plans


If you decide to cancel your service, you will be billed an Early Termination Fee. 


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