HP Mini 210
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I recently got the HP Mini 210 which comes with Windows 7Starter.  I'm just curious weather or not I can upgrade that to regular Windows 7?  Will it slow down the netbook or anything?



Re: HP Mini 210
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Yes, you can upgrade to Windows 7 Home, Professional or Ultimate. It's all there already on your machine, just all loked up so you can't use the advanced features. Just go  to Best Buy or Office Depot and ask for a Windows Starter to Home Premium upgrade pack.. It's just a key code on a card that you activate at the register when you buy it. You then take it home, open it up, and it tellls you where to go on microsoft.com to enter that code and then Microsoft emails you back a "real" product key that you entoer into Windows on your netbook and voila, you will get the appropriate features unlocked. No re-install or CD needed.


Or you can just buy a normal upgrade disk and upgrade from scratch if you want. And I would say no, for the most part your netbook won't slow down (much) if at all. Main thing you get is the ability to do full backups, and the media center and full Meedia Player that lets you play DVD's.  I put a trial verion of Windows 7 Ultimate on my Toshiba netbook and it worked great. I didn't buy it though so I'm back to XP again.