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HP Mini 311 Blue Screen

I am on my second HP Mini 311 netbook running Windows 7 Home, with a Verizon internal wireless card.

Both machines have the exact same problem.  Blue Screen.


I found the following on the Verizon blog.


The problem is identicle to mine. Help please!


"I have an HP Mini 311-1037 netbook running windows 7, with a Verizon internal wireless card (HP un2400). I'm having intermittent crashes (BSOD) which always happen immediately after I terminate a wireless connection and then shut down VZ access manager. Basically, when I exit the program, the program window goes away, I see a smaller dialog box showing that the wireless card is powering down, and then the dreaded blue screen pops up. The error message code is BUGCODE_USB_DRIVERS. That error message seems odd since the internal card is not a USB device. However, when it powers up, I see a driver loading that is called "Qualcomm HS_USB_QDLoad So far, I've had 8 of these crashes. The event log always shows the same error message as the cause of the unexpected shutdown: bugcheck 0x000000fe (0x00000008,0x00000004, 0x852f05d4, 0x00000000) After the crash screen, windows tries to restart and fails. It then offers me the option of running a startup repair. That always fails. So then I have to do a system restore (roll back to an earlier restore point). That works, but it totally hoses up my A/V software. It then takes about 20 minutes to get that fixed. On balance, a real horror show. After the last two crashes, I discovered that if I decline to run startup repair, and just keep trying to do a normal reboot, then after the second or third try, it will start up OK without doing any repair or system recovery. That is also hard to figure out. HP technical support hasn't been very helpful so for. The HP support forum shows messages from a couple other owners of the same model net book who are reporting the same problem, so there may be a generic problem here. I tried updating the wireless modem firmware, using the latest download from HP. I was OK for 4 days, and then had 2 more crashes." .

Re: HP Mini 311 Blue Screen

I have had the same issue since I purshased the netbook last March. I have called both Verizon and HP in regards to the issue. First Verizon has told me that it is a HP issue and then i get connected to HP. I am on the phone with them for 5 hours cuz they want be to do re-do my network and other stuff. After a couple of days samething.  Call back and the samething. I have called 5 times already until I talked to someone two days ago in Verizon IT department. The rep told me not to use the VZ access program due to some issues they are having with Windows 7. I tried to use my netbook this morning and I got the blue screen again without using the VZ access program. So I dont know anymore. You really have to pull your teeth out to get the right help from both companies. I am gonna try and call again later today and see what happens. Why can't us the customers get the proper help and no wasting our time.