HP un2420 won't connect - error 691

I've had my HP mini 311 for a few weeks now and everything was running fine.  Unfortunately I'm on the road in IL and although it worked initially yesterday, it's no longer working.  Originally I used the HP connection manager and everything worked great for a while.


As part of troubleshooting, I've now installed the VZAccess Manager (version 7.2.1. (2420b) ) and it still won't connect.  It throws a "password or username incorrect" message with an error code of 691.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this working?  I tried "activating" (even though it's been up and running for a while now) and after a few failures it finally activated but still won't connect.  I wonder if I'm in some location on a roaming tower and don't have access.





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