Happy with Hub????

New to the Community...... Anyone that has the Hub. Are you happy with it?  Or unhappy?  I've had mine for a year and half.  Now it starting to "tick" me off.  Anything Hub user thoughts?   

Re: Happy with Hub????
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Most people, including myself, are very unhappy with the HUB.  The main problems are connection issues with routers, being able to hear people as well as hearing people, as well as issues making and receiving calls.  Considering it is a phone these are huge problems and deal breakers.  I have had 4 hubs so far and a few handsets.  No, this has not fixed the majority of the problems and has only caused a great deal of inconvenience.  


It does me no good when this phone which is supposed to be my very reliable home phone where I can get in touch with my family is not receiving calls but no one knows it.  My wife doesnt know I'm calling because the HUB has lost its connection again and I dont know it either because it is ringing on my end.  Or it doesnt make sense when I have to hang up with someone on my HUB because they cant hear me very well to then have to call them on my cell phone.  But it happens all the time.


There was a HUB 2 slated to improve on the phone, but as of now it is not looking like they are going to develop it with the discontinuing of the HUB itself.  I am really REALLY hoping Verizon changes there mind and comes out with the HUB 2.  I imagine that would fix nearly all the problems that people have been plagued with.


By the way, how have you had the HUB for a year and a half?  It came out the first week of FEB 09, so that would make it only possible to own it for a little over 8 months.