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I had great service from last April to November then it all went to crap.  Now its like dialup with many manual screen Refresh button pushes to get a website to display.


I'm using a USB727, Cyfre 815 amp and a 12" dual band omni antenna due to the fringe area I'm in.  Tower is 1.5 miles away, but higher in elevation by 150' with no direct line of sight (small tree-covered rise in between).  What I see in the VZAM Field Test data is that I am using channel 37 when my connection speed is crap and occasionally using channel 1175 when I get 1.3 Mbit/sec (ecstacy!).  Verizon I believe is using the 1900 MHz band here (Keene NH).  From various forums, I've learned that channel 37 is from the 850 MHz band so I'm apparently connecting to a non-Verizon tower when the slow speed is experienced.  However the VZAM does not show Roaming and I am locked onto EVDO only.  


The RSSI is 75 (4 bars) when connected to channel 37 and 87 (2 bars) when connected to channel 1175.  When the system was running well last year, I did not use the amp and was getting an RSSI in the 90's with 1.2 Mbit/sec but I don't know what channel.  


I find that channel 1175 becomes locked on after midnight sporadically until about 5:00 in the morning for anywhere from ten minutes to an hour at a time.  


I'm thinking of trying a directional grid or panel antenna to eliminate most directions from influencing my connection.  However I worry that there may be some 850 MHz band antenna on the same tower that houses the Verizon 1900 MHz antenna.  If so a dual band panel antenna won't help but maybe a single band grid antenna would fix this? 


Has anyone else run into this problem?  What did you do to correct it?  Does anyone have any specific information about the VZAM Field Test data and how to interpret it?


Sorry for the long post. 


Thanks in advance,


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