Home Fusion breaking on a daily basis and VZW KNOWS it is broken
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I have been fighting this pretty much since I was installed just a couple months ago.  The support rep I spoke with today basically admitted to me that it is a known issue. (having to reboot multiple times per day, takes 10-20 minutes for service to come up after reboot).

He also agreed with me that the service is not reasonably useable when it is this unreliable on a daily basis.

He also agreed with me that I should not have to pay full price for, or continue to use, a service that is broken, VZW knows it's broken, and they have no firm date from the Cantenna manufacturer if or when it will be fixed.

Just FYI - over the last 3 weeks, I have:

Factory reset the router

Factory reset the Cantenna

Been visited by two different techs

One MOVED the cantenna

One REPLACED the cantenna and the router

I asked him to cancel my crappy service and waive the termination fee.  He scheduled a cancel for 3/25, but says I am on the hook for $320 termination fee.  Here's a copy of the letter I am sending into the Public Utilities Comission of Ohio:

In December, I signed up for Verizon Home Fusion Broadband Internet for my home. The service was installed and worked fine for approximately three weeks when it began to crash and go offline multiple times each day. I did some online searching and discovered that Verizon was working on a software update to resolve the issue. I wanted until Late February, rebooting on a daily basis and finally got tired of waiting and called Verizon. I was informed that my system HAD received the update and should be working fine. Since it was still going offline every day, Verizon sent out a tech to relocate the antenna. This did not fix the problem. They sent out a 2nd tech a few days later to replace the antenna. This did not fix the problem.

I called Verizon again today, March 13th, to ask that they either repair my service or cancel it. They informed me that the antenna requires yet ANOTHER update in order to work properly. That update is not ready to be rolled out, and there is no target date as to when it might be ready. I asked that my service be cancelled. Verizon is charging me a $320 termination fee to cancel service that they themselves admit does not work. They themselves admit that they cannot provide a date when it might work correctly.

I would like to have this termination fee waived. I also believe I should receive a partial bill credit for the last two months of spotty, inconsistent, and all but unusable service.

Re: Home Fusion breaking on a daily basis and VZW KNOWS it is broken
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$320 termination fee ? HF termination fee Isn't that high only smartphones are that high to terminate.