Home Fusion data usage mystery.
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Recently I woke to 45 emails from Verizon stating that since I had gone to bed and slept for 8 hours, I had some how used 75 Gb of data. I immediately unplugged the power cord to the antenna and called into the customer support 800 number. While waiting I also logged into the router inside my house and looked at the "System Monitoring" > "Traffic Monitoring" section and took a screen shot.

80530636800 bytes is equal to 75 Gigabytes. Even if I add all traffic on all interfaces up it only comes to 3569037526 bytes, so they are they are charging me for 76961599274 bytes of data that did not pass through their router in my home. That is roughly 71.7 Gigabytes of data that they say I used, but their router does not...


When customer support answered and I brought this up I was told that the router is probably reporting incorrectly. In my mind, if their equipment inside my house is malfunctioning on data usage reporting is it not possible that their tower equipment may also be malfunctioning. I also checked on Windows updates for the one computer I have connected. It had done nothing since a week earlier. I then ran a virus scan and found nothing. Can anyone shed some light on this?