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Home Fusion is a failure...very disappointed!

As a Verizon customer for 16 years, I plan to cancel my Home Fusion as well as change carriers for my cellphone line in the near future, regardless of the ETF.  The issues: 1. frequent, multiple daily disconnects that interrupt service and make simply checking email impossible. 2. Failed downloads that cause much wasted data; unable to even update Windows, OR my Verizon smartphone on Home Fusion without getting an error. 3. Data overages that seem impossible; monthly data count goes up and up even with the router disconnected.  4. Erroneous billing; When I called customer service regarding an overage on my bill, they informed me that I went over my allowance because they did not correctly count the data from the PREVIOUS month, and that it was now being added to my current bill. (WHAT???)  5. Inadequate & unresponsive customer service-Numerous calls to Verizon have not solved the problem.  On one call the rep spent over an hour creating a trouble ticket for my case and said I should have an answer in 3-7 days.  It's been over a month and I still haven't heard a word.

The internet is full of complaints about Verizon's Home Fusion service...I wish I would have read them before I signed up.

Re: Home Fusion is a failure...very disappointed!

I too am a long time Verizon customer, and I installed Home Fusion about 18 months ago. Overall my experience has been quite good, far better than the satellite broadband I had tried, and superior to a local microwave-based service I had been using for several years. About once or twice per month my Home Fusion would drop for 30-60 minutes, but it would always come back. In the past two weeks it has been dropping every other day and not coming back on, even after unplugging the cantenna and the router. The tech guys have been very helpful and courteous, and are usually able to get it back on line after several tries. They say there is a software problem that Verizon is aware of and are working on. I will try to be patient a while longer, but if this does not get resolved soon I am afraid I will have to cancel this service and go back to a more reliable one.

Re: Home Fusion is a failure...very disappointed!
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You;re updating Windows with mobile data and think you can't use ore than 10 GB a month? What other uses are you doing that you think should use more than 10 GB-30 GB a month? But yes a bad connection that makes your PC constantly resend the packets of data will of course use more data. Obviously you must live in an area with poor reception so perhaps a change of carrier is needed. Just as one would do with any carrier where reception is an issue.

You said you would have gone with another service. What service would that be? If you are using Homefusion you obviously do not have access to cable or DSL internet. Because no one with cable or DSL access would use mobile data as their main internet connection. So that leaves satellite. Now if you think Homefusion is bad go read up on Hughesnet and Wildblue.

Re: Home Fusion is a failure...very disappointed!

My issue is that BEFORE I made the decision to install Home Fusion, I was

told by Verizon that my address is in an optimal location; less than a mile

from the tower. Indeed, the Cantenna consistently shows a very strong

signal, and I show 5 bars on my cell phone. So reception is not the issue.

In addition, I realize that satellite also has it's problems , but it's

also HALF the price of Home Fusion. I currently pay $120/mo for just Home

Fusion, in addition to my cell phone charges. When speaking about the

inability to update Windows, I'm taking about updating from Windows 8, to

8.1, a 3.6 gb download. I received errors every time with each of my three

computers, but no issues at all updating with my wireless AT&T Hotspot.

This is a huge waste of data. Also, spending over an hour on just one of

several calls to address this issue, and having no action taken is to me

unacceptable. It was also never explained to me that my monthly bill may

include data charges that were not included in the previous month's bill.

It seems Verizon cannot even compile the correct data usage by the time by

bill is issued: and that undermines the customer's ability to avoid data


I feel that if Verizon informs me that it has committed itself to resolving

the connectivity issue, I expect them to follow through. I have been a

customer of Verizon since the first day they opened for business, and I can

say with confidence that they are not the company they used to be.

Re: Home Fusion is a failure...very disappointed!

I Have been having problems for about a year and have way to much time wasted on this. I ended up contacting. The BBB and trying to get help. Verizon only keeps information and notes for things that help them not the customer. My Home Fusion only works 80% of the time and when it does its not stable. They say since it does work this well I need to wait it out for a fix, again, this has not worked properly for a year. I hope you have better luck than me.