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Home Fusion topology and port forwarding

1. Can someone please explain what the real network topology is with this service?  It seems like the antenna, coax

interface and wireless router are each intelligent entities and have their own network addresses/settings/etc.  The instruction manual doesn't have a lot of detail (consumer market). For example, it appears I have two DHCP servers-- one on the HBA (Home broadband antenna) and one on the HBR (home broadband router).

2. I'm trying to get simple port-forwarding to work.

  • I have the DNS service set up to sent my external IP address to (seems to be working).
  • I have the firewall set to "medium".
  • I have port-forwarding set for tcp/22 (SSH) to an IP address on my home network.

I've verified that the machine will accept SSH connections (connected via one of the other machines on my home

network), but I just get timeouts if I try to connect remotely.

The manual just has these basic steps, so I'm at a loss as to what I'm missing.  The destination host has a fixed IP address

(in the range of one of the DHCP servers).


-- Cris

Re: Home Fusion topology and port forwarding


Re: Home Fusion topology and port forwarding

Man you are right this is so confusing lol i hope someone can explain this.

Re: Home Fusion topology and port forwarding

Plot thickens... My service dropped, so I called support. After we addressed the issue (just seemed to require a whole

system power cycle), I asked about help with setting up Port Forwarding.  The lady said Verizon would not support

this feature. When I said it was in the HF manual, she said they had not been trained to support it and could not help. If I

got it working on my own, that was fine.

So, other than the *611 number for support, is there any path for technical issue escalation? 

Other than the "how much data do I really use for my Internet link?" vs "Verizon data caps", the service has been

pretty solid since installation.