Homefusion was installed at my home yesterday.  I got my two laptops to connect to the wifi signal easily using the 8 digit code from the Technicolor router.  I cannot get my iPad 2 to connnect.  The iPad picks up the router signal but when I use the same 8 digit code and the back label of the router my iPad doesn't connect to the network.

Thanks for helping.

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Make sure you are using a wireless password security type that is compatible with your iPad.  For instance the HF router more than likely defaults to WPA2.  You might have to clarify what kind of password you are using for your iPad before it can connect.

Otherwise you can try lowering the wireless security mode down to WPA just to proove its a password problem or not.  There is no point trying WEP security, it might as well be off if that is what you have to resort to.

You could also try rebooting your equiptment too.

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Trust me when I say you're going to dig the new Homefusion. But, in order to get to that point, we want you completely connected with your tablet too. Based on what you've reported, this does sound to be a configuration issue with your tablet. When you go to connect do you get any kind of error message or icon? What I would recommend for now is toggling Wi-Fi off and then back on as well as forgetting the network configuration to the Homefusion. You can also go to settings > general > reset > reset network settings.


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Just be careful to closely monitor your data usage.  You will dig it until you go over, then you will dig in your wallet.  Check out the discussions about phantom data usage with HF.  We have been trying to get to the bottom of it, but from what we can tell, Verizon' s equipment is causing our data usage to skyrocket.  Seems unfair to the consumer to me.  Be careful.