Homefusion still dropping
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I live in Northern KY and have the Homefusion. After 2 routers and 3 cantenna's I am still having connectivity issues. I'll be in the middle of something and suddenly the internet appears to have frozen...the connectivity bars on the bottom right of the screen show as if I am connected and then suddenly I'll have a exclamation point pop up indicating I am not connected. I turn off the router, unplug the cantenna and sometimes that it will work...sometimes I have to leave the cantenna unpluged for at least 30 minutes. I do this daily.

No one seems to have an immediate fix other than that a software update for the cantenna is coming out that will resolve the issue. The only problem with that is no one seems to know when the software fix is and in the meantime I am with an internet service that can drop me off the internet without me knowing multiple times during the day and throught the week.

Can someone at Verizon please check if another issue is at stake other then the software update? Perhaps a setting on the tower that is 2.5 miles away from me in Hebron KY? I don't think its right to have your customers wait for a software update when you do not know when the company that makes the cantenna will come out with one? Can you replace my canetnna with another manufacturer as it is obvious that the manufacturer of the cantenna you currently have does not seem to have a sense of urgency for this "software" update. As customers we cannot be told that a fix is coming but we do not know when. This does not seem right. Please help. Thanks

Re: Homefusion still dropping
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Its a august firmware that is causing the issue report and open ticket there putting all tickets into 1. the bad firmware is causing our service to quit/ stall whaterer you wanna call it.

I hope a fix comes soon this is bad. i am calling for a credit till this is fixed.