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How To Stop VL600 Automatic "Data Usage" check when Logging On and Requires SMS?!

I just upgraded to a VL600 mobile broadband plan and I was wondering if there is any way to stop it from automatically checking 'data usage' everytime I connect?B/C I don't need that. I just go to the 'Statistics' tab and watch how much I use. Speaking of that, it's a lot harder to interpret now that it is in black and red TX/RX bytes. What happened to that clean layout that shows how many KB/MB/Gigs you download and upload?


Also, it says SMS must be enabled on your plan in order to check that. Well, I don't need txting plan for this internet service but the catch is that you have to sign up for it anyway and pay .20cent per SMS. If this device is automatically checking data usage via SMS service everytime I sign on I'm paying for it .20cents each time, right? Rediculous.