How do I improve my signal strengh/reception with a HP Mini Netbook?

I recently signed up for the 5GB Moblie Broadband plan and the HP Mini Netbook. Verizon has good coverage in this area, however at my home the reception is poor.


The Internet speeds are usually like dial-up, sometimes (usually in the mornings) I have been able to get speeds of 300 kbs to 500 kbs (kilobits).


 I at usually have 1 bar of reception for EVDO (around -100 dBm) sometimes I get up to -92 dBm. I have tried moving the netbook around the house and going outside, the reception doesn't change noticeably.


Driving about a 1/4 mile in either direction I immediately get 2 bars of reception. Driving about 1 mile from home I can get -76 dBm. So I know there is a good signal in this area, I just can't pick it up here.


 I know where one Verizon tower is in this area, it is about 8 miles away. My mother lives near the tower and there I get -63 dBm and very fast speeds.



Is there anything I can do to improve my reception with the embedded antenna on the netbook? Software upgrades? Settings?


Would I benefit from buying a usb760 modem, would the reception improve with the external modem?


Should  I consider buying the usb760 modem and an external antenna?


Would a cell booster be a better choice?


Any help from someone at Verizon tech support would be greatly appreciated.


Also is there any way to find out where the other Verizon towers are in this area?


My zip code is 28630.


Thank you.





Re: How do I improve my signal strengh/reception with a HP Mini Netbook?
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It sounds as if there is something either with the lay or your property, your structure or your inside devices causing an issue with the signal reaching your netbook.


Try this:


1. Move around the house and see if there is any improvement in the signal.  Move outside and even walk around your home if needed.


2. Disable any internal wifi radios that may be searching for wireless signals separate your embedded modem.

3. Look for anything that broadcasts any type of wireless radio frequency.  i.e. baby monitors, cordless phones, routers, leapfrog assemblies and the like and either turn off or move away from them.

4. Check your system for any type of syncing software running or fax software and turn it off.


You can also check out and find out how to find your tower, make a cheap antenna and point it to your tower to catch the signal being transmitted.


This site also gives information on how to view a field test to see if you may be connecting to more than one tower or experiencing a "mi**bleep**" of the signals being transmitted.


Hope this helps.