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How fast will I use my hotspot data?

Hey all,

I just activated the mobile hotspot service because my internet is down, a tech can't visit me until this Saturday, and I absolutely need internet for school.  I only paid for the 2 GB usage, but I also have a roommate.  How fast will we burn through our usage total if we're using it strictly for internet things like our school research, facebook, and message boards like this one?  I realize it could be very subjective.  All I'm looking for are reasonable estimations.


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Re: How fast will I use my hotspot data?
Sr. Member

Well it depends of you have 3G or 4G, and if you stream lots of audio and video or not. If you lay off these things, you should manage to stay within a 2 Gig limit without too much trouble. Static web browsing, email, IM, googling for research, chat, these things are all fine. YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Slacker, etc suck it down pretty quick. Hulu and YouTube at standard definition can use 200 meg per hour. HD movies can use 1.25 Gig for 2 hour movie. Streaming radio at 74 kbs use about 30 meg per hour. When I had the USB Tethering on an old 3G phone, I didn't use anywhere near 2 Gig in a month.