I am wondering if my computer with VZAccess WWAN for internet can be used as a WiFi hotspot?

Could someone please let me know if I can use my Gateway Laptop, which has the VZAccess Manager as a WiFi hot spot so that I can connect to the internet from my desktop at home?

Basically I want to know if when I am connected to WWAN, can I pick up the connection from my desktop?

Any help at all would and will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!


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If you have a built in VZ Modem in your computer and you want to make your computer a hotspot you can as long as you have windows 7, and http://www.connectify.me/

That will get you connected via wifi

However if you need to support other ethernet devices your best bet is a router example CradlePoint MBR95 which can be used with a usb modem or via hotspot in conjuction with connectify via WIFI as WAN then you can transmit via Wireless and LAN to multiple devices.  See the MBR95 router at the link provided


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Not really sure what you are asking here.

If you are asking if you can convert your computer into a hotspot then the answer is almost certainly no.  Your Gateway laptop would need to have a built in router in order for it to operate the necessary functions to connect a different device to the internet.  The VZAccess Manager software cannot work with hardware that does not exist in the first place.

If you are asking if you can convert your mobile device into a hotspot then the answer is maybe.  We need to know what Verizon device you are referring to.  From there we can tell you if the device has a modem with a router that can handle multiple connections.  All known USB modems can only support one device at a time.  You need a MiFi or mobile hotspot to support multiple connections.

Some USB modems can be plugged directly into CradlePoint routers which will serve the routing features needed for multi computer connections.  Repeaters like the PepWave Surf Mini can connect to wireless only devices and handle multiple computer connections too.  Again, we need to know what Verizon device you are asking about to confirm.