I have had a Jetpack 4G Mobile Hotspot since 11/2012. It is worthless in my area, even though Verizon says I have coverage.

I have had a Jetpack 4G Mobile Hotspot since 11/2012. It is worthless in my area, it worked well for about a month, and then started losing Internet connection, or going to a yellow triangle over the internet connect, meaning no internet.  I am on my 3rd Jetpack and the 3rd SIM card will be here tomorrow.  So I have been without internet access for 5 days.  I am locked into a 2 year contract, so 11/2014 I will be dropping this, it is not worth the frustration I have experienced over this last 2 years. Here are just a few of the message I receive on a daily basis:

  1. 1) Resolving host
  2. 2) No connection
  3. 3) Page cannot be displayed
  4. 4) Loading, please wait
  5. 5) Error
  6. 6) Cannot resolve host
  7. 7) Cannot download
  8. 😎 You are not signed in
  9. 9) Waiting for host
  10. 10)     Waiting for page
  11. 11)     Bad connection
  12. 12)     No access
  13. 13)     Internet is not connected, connections are available
  14. 14)     Errors downloading
  15. 15)     Photos cannot be downloaded or displayed
  16. 16)     Resolving host, resolving host, resolving host
  17. 17)     Waiting, waiting, waiting
  18. 18)     Unable to connect to the internet
  19. 19)     You are not connected to the internet
  20. 20)     The webpage is not available, no internet connection
  21. 21)     75% of the time there is a yellow triangle over the internet bars, with an explanation mark inside of it, saying no connection
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Thanks for sharing.

Too bad you didn't seek us out a little sooner.  We could have tried to assist you with rigging up some amplifiers and antennas to improve your reception in your home.  If you are in a fully serviced area then there is VZW signal floating around, you just need a way to capture it since it doesn't sound like it is penetrating into your home on its own.