IPAD 3 wont connect to MIFI 4620L when other wifi signals are present

I work in a large building with multiple wifi signals bouncing around. My MIFI 4620L works perfectly with all my devices everywhere except in the building in which I work (where it is most needed).  Jetpack reception is good. IPAD recognizes the jetpack, but when I try to connect it either simply wont connect or it connects and disconnects in a fast repetitive cycle.  Any Ideas?

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Hi knox99,

It's a bummer when you are having trouble using your device in the place you need it most! I'm here to work with you and get to the root cause of the issue. Please try the steps below for some troubleshooting.

Connect to any device and then navigate to . Then, login using the password on the Mifi label. Once completed, please click on Advanced and then Settings and change the available Wi-fi Connects to one. At this point, please retest at your work location. Please let me know if you need additional assistance, thank you!

Christina B
VZW Support
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