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Infuriating 4510 --> 890L Experience

I believe at this point I could base my entire senor thesis on the discontent I feel towards Verizon and it's quality/customer service relating to it's mobile broadband services. I find it comical that I am sitting here writing this while connected  to my EVO instead of my 890L Jetpack, as my lovely jetpack refuses to pick up an internet connection.............yet my phone sitting right next to it has no problems .

Let me backtrack by saying that this current 890L I have was a replacement for a 4510 which itself was replaced 5!!! Yes that's right 5 times due to hardware malfunction or extreme overheating. I received my current unit about 2 weeks ago and all had been working well until a little after 11pm the jetpack randomly lost it's connection to the internet (NOT MY COMPUTER), I thought "no big deal right? this has happened a bunch before" well after trying every troubleshooting solution I could possibly think of (yes I reset it in every way imaginable through the UI and physically pulled the SIM/button etc.......). What was even more confusing/frustrating was my phone had a 3G connection to the internet the entire time I was trying to re-establish the jetpacks connection to it, then it dawned on me to try and use my phone as a hotspot (never done this) connects without a single issue, loads every website/video flawlessly............yet the 890L still refuses to transmit any data.

So my question is why is a device being outperformed in it's ONLY role by a cellphone with that capability "tacked" on? I missed turning in an assignment at midnight due to this loss of connection, so  Verizon's customer service will be receiving a call from a very pissed off customer as these connection issues are starting to impact my academic performance.