Install Problems with PC770 2-in-1 PC Card and ExpressCard

Currently I'm trying to install a PC770 air card in a Dell Latitude E5400 running XP SP3 and having some problems. I have since updated the BIOS and chipset drivers on the E5400 so those are up to date. I will say that this card works fine in another laptop when tested so it appears to be a problem on the laptop.

I have been able to plug the device into the PCMCIA slot, the solid green light is on. The install runs perfectly (at least it appears that way). Drivers look like they install, and the VZAccess Manager installs without a hitch.

However, when I open the Access Manager, it will either say "powering on" or "configuring device" down at the bottom under the name PC770 for a second or two...then just drops to "Device not inserted." I can push the detect device button as well, and it does the same thing.

When I look in Device Manager, I see the modem in there (Novatel Wireless Modem). I can even query the modem in the properties and everything looks okay. What doesn't look okay is that under "Other Devices" it has THREE "Data Interface" listings. When I remove the card, they go away. When I plug it back in, they come back.

Anybody have any ideas??

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