Irc Connection Problems

It seems that regardless of my client I am unable to connect to any and all Irc Servers atm. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out on this and let me know if they had experienced this problem before and what it is that they did to fix it. I just called customer service and their response was that it wasn't their problem. I'm hoping that I can get this taken care of, because I really dont want to go back to cable anytime soon. Thanks for any help.


By the way, I've tried about 8 different clients. All are K-Lining me or saying that the connection timed out and something about the dns pool


Edit: Is it possible that Verizon has a block on IRC activity? Maybe by using a restrictive firewall or blocking ports 6000-7000?

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Re: Irc Connection Problems
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Check out measurementlab dot net, click on "Users: Test your Internet Connection." Then, the Nano link to the alpha release. This can test various ports for connectivity.