Is VZN messing with former Alltels on purpose???

Former HAPPY ALLTEL customer, in northeast Oklahoma, running Huawei EC168 EVDO USB Modem, starting in May 2009...


AGAIN, I am having connect problems and issues from around midnight until around 8am this morning, 09212009... 678 errors, unstable connects, unstable bars, unstable bandwidth... from rA to 1x on Quicklink Mobile software dialer... 1,2,3 bars when I always have 5 bars???? 


THREE freaking times I have attempted to write and post this message... three freaking times I would be disconnected, or system hangs... and I would have to disconnect the QM dialer... and try to connect again ???


WHY is it that it appears Verizon is messing with the system for about eight hours... and after I call Tech Support AGAIN... and passed from one person to another, again... like black magic... around 8am, I am connected at rA 3g at a good fast speed, which is normal for me???


BTW, I keep all my session logs in QM, I also keep a personal log about problems and issues when they happen... the last Tech Support person I spoke with this morning said that my trouble report will be passed on to "someone in engineering"... and that I will have an answer, or call, within 48 hours... I doubt this will ever happen!


IS anyone else, formerly Alltel... getting closer to canceling VZN... and going to Sprint, ATT, or even that lowly Cricket broadband???  There is no way I will pay an early cancelation fee... with all the problems I have documented!



Re: Is VZN messing with former Alltels on purpose???
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Do you think all that "ranting" will make Verizon actually "care"? or let alone change their policies?


Get real !  It doesn't work!