Is it MiFi or me..plz help!!
I just picked up the MiFi hoping it would finally solve the connectivity issues i've had with my IPod touch and PC internet... The device was installed correctly and all bars are being shown for both devices but it will not connect....I did better before getting the MiFi...Can anyone tell me if i'm doing something wrong..Thanx
Re: Is it MiFi or me..plz help!!
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You need to be more specific.  Can u not connect at all, to the internet with MiFi / Touch, or is it just slow?  Your internet at home runs off of a different system than the Verizon 3G network, so you might have low signal strength as an issue for poor performance.  Does your cell phone show "1XEV"  (all caps is diff than lower case for 3G signal strength indication)?  I've had great performance with my Mifi/touch or mifi/netbook even in places where the Storm had a terribly slow connection to the 'net.