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Issues with my Jetpack 4620L

I've had multiple issues with my Jetpack for months and finally lost my patience and posting these questions now:

First off, I leave my Jetpack on my work desk and never take it anywhere so it shouldn't have gone through any wear and tear.

1)  The screen on my Jetpack doesn't work.  I can't read any of the alerts or see what's going on with the Jetpack.  It gradually faded away over a few months and has been completely blank for 6-8 months.

2)  I always go over my data too fast, even when I have nothing connected to the hotspot or when I do things that don't take up data.  I'm assuming the that data tracker is wrong.

3)  The internet is slow or drops connection. 

4)  Right now, I don't know when it's on or off. 

5)  I can't log in or connect after putting in the passcode on my computer.  When the password finally does connect, I can't open any web pages.

Any help?  Should I just cancel my account?

Re: Issues with my Jetpack 4620L

If your screen is not displaying correctly then you should contact VZW for replacement options. Something like that would be covered under the warranty.  If you get a new device the rest of your problems may get cleaned up too.  Warranty on Jetpacks is 1 year.

There is a bad firmware version floating around right now too.  Confirm your firmware version for us if you can.  You can find this info from the MiFi's admin website when typing in the IP Address into a web browser.

Re: Issues with my Jetpack 4620L
Customer Support


I am sorry to hear about your issues with service lately. We always want you to have a working device at all times. We can definitely review all issues, but from the sounds of the main concern it may be best to do a replacement. Without the display working, you are not getting all the advantages that the device offers. Please follow me at TonyG_VZW and send me a DM with the account number and billing password so we can review options. Also provide the zip code for your office so we can review signal in that area. I am sure we can combat all issues together.

Thank you,

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