Jetback to Router?

We have a house in a remote area that doesn't have internet, our Jetpack works fine out there.  The issue is one of our computers has to go through a switch, the switch is plugged into a router (no WIFI).  We want to move the computer to our house in the remote location.     SO is there a way to hook the Jetpack into a router (maybe via usb for teethering) or another method so we can use the computer that requires the switch?

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To add too what John Getzke has said, which Jetpack? If it is the Mifi5510L Jetpack, Wal-Mart sells the Asus RT-AC56R ($110) or RT-AC68R ($199) routers. You can USB tether the 5510L directly to the either one of these routers and then turn off Wi-Fi on the 5510L. These are the only routers that I know of that will successfully USB Tether to the 5510L.

The cheapest option I found is the TP-Link TL-MR3040 (Wal-Mart $40) configured in WISP mode to bridge the Jetpack’s Wi-Fi to Ethernet so you can use an existing network switch or router.

Also, Windows has a feature called Bridge Connections that allows you to bridge Wi-Fi to Ethernet. If you have old computer equipment with Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters, Windows XP handles the task quite well.

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Sure, there are lots of ways to accomplish what you want, but it will require additional hardware somewhere in the mix since your current router does not have a wireless receiver on it.

The big roadblock is that your Jetpack is primarily a wireless only device.  USB tethering only works on PCs and specially designed routers by 3rd party companies like PepLink and CradlePoint.  What you need is to swap your router with a wireless bridge that happens to have Ethernet cable ports installed.

A simple example of a wireless bridge with Enet cable ports would be the Pepwave Surf On the go:

Final environment would look something like this:

PC === Switch === Pepwave ))) Jetpack ))) VZW/Internetz


=== = Ethernet Cable

))) = WiFi/Wireless