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I I have been using Verizon wireless services since 2006, starting with the purchase of an Alienware m9700 laptop computer. Today I am using the Verizon MiFi 4510L with the same Alienware m9700 laptop computer.  I have been using the MiFi since I upgraded to it in November 2011.  We have a Lexmark all in one printer with WiFi, Xbox 360 Live, an occasional HP mini notebook and the Alienware m9700  laptop all using the MiFi.  Sometimes all devices at once and sometimes not.  My Hubby is on Xbox Live playing motocross most all the time.  I dabble selling on ebay for my enterainment.  We are for the most part retired. 

I have been reading everyones comments and problems associated with the MiFi 4510L.  We do have a "designed to take in the car" antenna, in the house.  It does not hook into the wireless devices, it has a "dongle" that comes off the antenna and we have it hanging around the MiFi, so to speak.  We have had this since day one and I am positive it has alleviated us from going thru problems from signal strength.  According to the light on the MiFi, we are using the 3g for our internet.  Recently we went out of town and I used the MiFi at the Hilton Hotel and got 4g, in my opinion the performance on the internet was not noticably different.  We use the Netflix thru the Xbox AND THAT EATS DATA USESAGE BIG TIME.  1 gig a movie or more.  Can go onto netflix and mark the quality to good instead of the excellent HD and then a movie is about 1/3 a gig.  I spoke with a friend and a night viewing  "You Tube" videos will use as much data allowance as the Netflix.  

I live across the street from one of the country's busiest railroad tracks.  The train going by does have an effect on our wireless signal, sometimes knocking us off, othertimes not, just causing a slowdown.

The problems with getting knocked off the internet or having problems getting on or the connection going dormat may not be the MiFi devices defect as much as I am reading.  I believe that the computer may be to blame more than is relized. Also, if I loose my patience and start prowling thru my wireless connection settings BIG MISTAKE.

My hubby did read or hear on the news over the last view days that Verizon has had some troubles with connections dropping. 

We are very satisfied with Verizon and I hate to read of all the problems.  I feel the problems are out there equally in all the networks.

Verizons Customer Service is superior.  But I have had my moments with some of the reps.  Most of the time I cannot understand the  foreign accent. If that be the case I tell them that and hang up.  I have had my best luck by sending an email...... but then if the internet connection won't provide then???? It can all be so complicated..................

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You might want to try enforcing a MAC filter on your MiFi 4510L.  See the solution posted by Mikey in this thread:


The passing trains could be carrying passengers or other wireless devices.  If so then they may be overriding your local MiFi connection and causing you to disconnect when your MiFi looks for new connections periodically throughout the day.  A MAC filter will ensure that no connection attemps are made unless they have already been added to the MAC filter list.