L4620 will not connect to web browser

My 4620L connects to my computer but when I try to go to the internet home page it will not connect..says no DNS? HELP?

Re: L4620 will not connect to web browser
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Not sure if you are on Microsoft Windows or what version if so, but if you go to Control Panel and look for something related to network (Network and Sharing Center, etc)  (or you may be able right click on the network icon down by the time in lower right) you should see the wireless adapter icon.  If you click on that a window should pop up and tthere should be option for "properties"  click on that and a new window will pop up.  Within that one there should be a list of items in a smaller window in the middle.  In that list there should be "Internet Protocol Version 4 ....."  select that and click on  properties button below.  That should bring up yet another window which should have some information.  What you are looking for is to make sure Obtain an IP address automatically and more importantly Obtain DNS server address automatically are checked.  (I apologize if steps are not exact for your version of Windows it's hard to remember the differences between versions)

You can also try and disable and re-enable the wireless adapter and see if forcing it to refresh the DHCP (auto assigning of the information) fixes the problem.  If it does then the problem is still most likely something within windows and not your device.

On a side note, I doubt this is your problem as this just started with mine and per VZ tech it's probably a hardware problem, but my device does this sometimes but it's because the device is literally locking up and requires a hard reset.  However if you do above and yours is already set to automatically find the information you may have a problem with the device.