Lenovo X1 w/ Sierra Wireless 7355 Setup issue


I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon with an embedded Sierra Wireless EM7355 wwan modem. I recently added a line for my shared plan so that i can take advantage of the wireless capabilities of the computer. Unfortunately, I am having issues trying to get the setup going and connecting. I initially tried to use Lenovo's verizon software but it appears that it is actually geared towards prepaid data which is not my case. Prior to installing, I was presented with an option to connect but which failed over to the setup apn. After uninstalling the vzw prepaid software, it shows me "no service" which makes me assume I need to setup the apn. I am in an area that has very good vzw service so that should not be a problem.

When I look at the cellular properties, it appears that the modem is able to read the sim card in that it finds the mobile number assigned to the line. Windows 10 by default does not have an APN setup so it appears that I need the APN settings. I am presented with the following fields when setting up an APN and I would appreciate feedback as to how to setup the connection to enable the service.

Profile Name: free text

APN: free text

User name: free text

Password: free text

Type of sign-in info: (PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP V2, None)

IP type: (Default, IPv4, IPv6, IPv4v6, IPv4v6XLAT)

APN type: (Internet, Internet and LTE, LTE)



Re: Lenovo X1 w/ Sierra Wireless 7355 Setup issue
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We definitely want to ensure you get your laptop up, running and connected to the internet. We'd like to take a look to make sure your account is set up properly for the line you added to work with the modem. So that we can gather details, we've sent you a Private Message. Check your inbox and respond there to continue.


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