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Looking to get rid of internet provider!

I'm looking for a way to drop my internet provider because they keep raising the price on me and i am getting tired of it. So I am on a 6GB family plan right now and my question is if I added a Hotspot to my verizon account and paid for a larger GB plan such as 24GB, would we be able to stream things like netflix and use internet without going over the 24GB plan. If we streamed a couple of hours each night , also common usage on our phones we use now, would we be able to use hotspot as a useful alternate to an internet provider? Would we benefit doing this?

Re: Looking to get rid of internet provider!
Sr. Leader

If you watched 2 hours of Netflix each night, you would use about 180 GB of data, far in excess of 24 GB. Generally, replacing your wired Internet provider with metered cellular data is going to be much more expensive than continuing with your wired provider.

Calculation for data use

Netflix each hours of video in HD is 3 GB times 2 hours per night times 30 days in a month