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MI-Fi monthly plan

I have a Mi-Fi 2200 plan for 250 MB/month @ $40/month.  Now Verizon is offering 3GB/month for $35. The IPAD deal is also getting me steamed. For $20/month you can get 1 GB.


I called to cancel because I haven’t been able to change my plan to a better one.


I was LIED to by the representative. He told me to wait because around the first week of November there would be a change I would be happy with.


Guess what? NO CHANGE! Do not do business with liars and cheaters.

Re: MI-Fi monthly plan

Virgin Mobile has an unlimited MiFi plan for $40/month with no contract.

Re: MI-Fi monthly plan

@steamed: You''re not the only one who's steamed super pi$$ed at this discriminitory behavior on Verizon's part. I use a netbook on the same plan, and supposedly you CAN get the 3 Gig on your MiFi currently as a promo but  I can't get it at all on my netbook. USB modem users are shafted worse, they can't acess any of the new plans at all, And the $69.99 smartphone promo?  Only to "selected" invitees via email. An email which has blown wide open all over the net and is posted in the Broadband Plans thread.


These "limited time" promos and selected  device access to better deals makes me want to go pound some corporate zuit's head into his glass desk top. I'm sorry, but frankly, as a consumer of Verizon's services, I don't give a flying fishtail about Verizon's profits, margins, ROI, ARPU, usage metrics, or any of the rest of it. I just waht fair value for my money, and 250 Meg @ $40/mo just isn't cutting it when a tablet user can get 1 Gig for half that price and I just don't care to pay more than $40/mo for 3g data that I don't really need at all anymore but just keep for convienience (otherwise kinown as "contract" lol) in the few places I go that don't have wi-fi.


I know perfectly well that the purpose of stingy caps on low (or even high) priced data plans is to drive customer migration like cattle to higher ARPU plans and select devices, but I don't appreciate Verizon taking those kinds of liberties with my choices.


Whether it's the state or private sector, discrimination is not right.