MIFI 4510 Connection Problems

I am having trouble connecting one laptop to my new mifi 4510.  I had the previous mifi and upgraded.  I had no problems connecting with the old one.  One of my laptops is connecting to it just fine, but the other one is not.  It recognizes the network and signal strength is excellent, but no connectivity.  I am entering the key correctly.  The laptop is older, but all updates for windows xp have been done. 


Any suggestions? 





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Start with the easy steps and reset your MiFi.  If you have a cached Wireless Password that is causing problems or a router setting which is blocking your connection then a reset will help you out.


To restore the defaults of the MiFi:

1. Power up the device

2. Remove the back cover

3. Press and hold the small Reset button with a paper clip for 10-15 seconds

4. Release the Reset button once you notice the lights flashing on/off in unison

5. Allow the MiFi to finish rebooting

6. Connect to the MiFi with the default Wireless Password

  a. Check the back of your MiFi for a sticker with this default password

  b. Check your documentation for a hand written copy of the default password

  c. If you still cannot find the default password then let me know and I'll send you more steps



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Thanks JulieJ for your inquiry. John_Getzke provided some great info on how to reset the device, which does resolve numerous connection issues with the device. If you are still having problems after this, it may possibly be the security settings between your computer and the MiFi or firwall settings. The default security is set to WPA2 on the MiFi, but it is possible an older computer doesn't support this. You can follow these instructions to change the security settings to WPA or WEP on the MiFi.