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MIFI 4510L

I have a MIFI 4510L that has been updated with the latest FW.  I need to go on a VPN and it will not work with the MIFI.  If I make my iphone a hotspot I can connect.  Same location

Re: MIFI 4510L

What kind of VPN and what kind of VPN connection are you attempting (SSL vs IPsec?).

What kind of error message are you receiving?

VPN problems are often best resolved when working with your VPN administrator.  I can tell you that VPNs generally do not have issues with the VZW network when properly configured.  Your VPN administrator would know more information about the kinds of configuration options that are available to you.

As long as the internet is working correctly on the MiFi the VPN should be able to complete its connection back to the VPN server.  I would test the open internet before engaging the VPN.  Reset the MiFi if there are problems using the various resets such as rebooting, reseating the SIM and restoring the defaults.