MIFI & Sony TV internet connection

I have a MIFI 2200 at home and I have a couple of PCs on the network occasionally.   I bought a new Sony TV that has a built in wifi device.   I cannot get the TV to connect to the internet via my MIFI network.   The TV will search for available wifi networks and shows my Verizon network along with a couple of neighbors but will not connect after dozens of tries.   I called Verizon tech support and they did not know why it was not connecting.   I suspected that the TV has no way to load the MIFI device software that is loaded onto my PC, but Verizon could not confirm that.    Is there anybody out there that has successfully connected an internet enabled Sony TV to the internet using a MIFI 2200 network MI Any help would be greatly appreciated.   I am not a computer tech so it needs to be in easy to understand procedures.