MIFI Wireless

 Hi.  I have had this MIFI 2200 since May of 2010.  I have had no problems up until now.  I have Vista on my laptop, & my son has windows 7 on his new laptop.  No problems.  No I just got a new Desktop & the problems are here.  I took my Desktop back to the store, & I have wireless connection just fine.  But I can't connect to the MIFI as I get the following msg  "Mismatched Key Passcode".  I can connect to the desktop VIA USB cable.  But not wirelessly.  Tech Gut @ Store said it was a software issue betoween Windows 7 & the MIFI.  I don't know if that's the case.  Can anyone help?  Thanks. 

PS.  I just use the computer, not work on it. LOL

Re: MIFI Wireless

Yep. It appears to be a Software mismatch with the Desktop, the mifi AND a Home network! If you take the Home Network out of the loop, then I wager the Desktop will work.

For instance. I've been using my MIFI for the four Months I've had it predomintately Hard wired via USB. When we use it with our Laptop, we disconnect it from the desktop and it works fine as designed with the Laptop wirelessley! However I just bought a Wireless USB device to let me connect wirelesly with my Desktop and it WILL NOT connect as long as my desktop "sees' a Home Network connection connected or NOT! So I haven't resolved the issue, but will report back here as soon as I come up with a work-around.