MIFi usage notification
I only use the Mi Fi as wireless connection to the internet. My employer has disabled the Wwan funtion in the software for whatever reason they have. Now I have to log into my verizon and check the usage on line since I cannot access the usage or recieve the usage notificaitons from the Wwan. Is there away to get the usage notificaions sent to as SMS text to primary line on contract?
Re: MIFi usage notification
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To view the usage for your Mifi unit you can dial #3282 (#DATA) from a Verizon Wireless handset.

#DATA will provide you with the information for the number you are calling from, in addition to any other number you would like to check (i.e. The MiFi unit). After the recording has read the options for the number you were calling from, just press option 4 to check another lines usage (like the MiFi). You will receive a text message for the line you were calling from usage, however a text message will not be sent for the MiFi usage number.

I hope this information was helpful.