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how can you boost reception quality and/or speed. New pc new to mobile broadband.  when trying to download movie from netflix.  always disconnects after taking forever for buffering..  Will be able to watch movie for 2 minutes. then get message thaat internet connection is slowing, need to adjust, then it goes back to buffering which takes 20 minutes, then starts movie, watch for 2 minutes, then same message that connection is slowing, ......


even when visiting a regular internet site it sometimes is very slow.  I do live in a remove area of Duncansville PA not sure if this is a coverage issue or if there is something i can buy to boost reception 

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I also live in a remote area too. I have a Yagi antenna and a Wilson Electronics 3 watt booster. The antenna Poles can be bought at lowes or Homedepot ( look where the Fence supplies are- the poles will fit together) all together my antenna pole is 56 foot tall. If you already get a signal a wilson booster and an outside antenna should work fine no need for a tall antenna pole.



Re: MOBILE broadband -how
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I have provided some general information below that may help.

Speeds are going to be dependent on signal strength and type of signal (1X or EVDO). I would recommend the following to obtain the best possible signal for your location.


1.      Check the signal strength. I have provided the instructions below:


2.      Try relocating the device (something in the immediate area may be hindering its signal).


3.      Try rebooting / restarting the device.


4.      Try completing an activation. Instructions below:
-Open VZ Access manager

-Select the Options tab at the top
-Select Activation