Manually Updating my coverage area

Hi, I just updated my vzaccess successfully, but once I start running it, it reminds me that a area coverage update is available. Every time I tell it to update, it always comes back update failed. I notice that the connection constantly switches from 1x to Mobil Broadband (EV-Rev A). When it's on 1X, its slower than molasses in January. We have 3 Droid 2's and my DroidX and 95% of the time we pull in 3G, why wont the mifi update and stay connected to the high speed?  It has been forever since I was able to successfully update the Area Coverage. I know for a while Verizon pushed through a hybrid PRL that I think made it connect to a Alltel tower or something. But 6 month later or so they said it was OK to go through the activation process that everything is hybrid. After several attempts, I was able to get it to update. But that was like a year ago. Is there someway I can manually update the PRL or coverage area manually. I live in Wyocena, WI if that will help me get the right PRL. Thanks, Jammindog