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MiFi 2200 Battery Charging

Can someone (who really knows) break this tie for me... I have been told two different tales by two different Verizon Techs.


1. It's OK to leave the MiFi charger plugged in for long periods of time (10-12 hours) while it is being used.


2. I will destroy the battery (and possibly the unit itself) if I leave it plugged in (and charging) for long periods of time.


Which one is correct? Thanks for any advice.

Re: MiFi 2200 Battery Charging

Mine has been plugged in 24/7 for months with no problem.  The only thing I noticed was when we had a power outage and it went to battery power, the battery only lasted about an hour and I had heard it was good for several hours.


Perhaps leaving it plugged in reduces the battery life.. I dunno.


Re: MiFi 2200 Battery Charging

I've had my MiFi for about 5 months now. During that time it has worked pretty good, but I've been a slow learner, especially when it comes to charging the battery!!! What I have learned is:

1.  It will not charge off of any USB port, it seems it has to be a computer port, or a Blackberry phone charger will work.

2.  When it is plugged into the computer USB, it is no longer any good for WiFi on that computer, but MUST us the 'Easy Access' hardwire.

3.  THIS IS HELPFUL. I found the the CHARGING UNITs FOR MY BLACKBERRY PHONE work to charge the MiFi!!! Both the car charger and the house chargers work!!! Why did it take 5 months to find this out? Maybe that's why I didn't get a charger 'in the box.'

4.  Those LEDs really give conflicting messages! You can starve waiting for the thing to turn Amber. I haven't seen it amber since I found out the car and house phone charges will recharge the battery while the unit is working, because I'm not running the battery down enough.