MiFi 2200 - Connectivity Issues while tethered

My mifi loses connectivity only while tethered to my desktop running Vista.  I can ping a site but can not access the internet through any type of software such as - VZ Access Manager, Firefox, Chrome, IE, ftp clients,  etc.


I have tried turning off all firewalls and antivirus software, no proxy server.  The only way I can regain connectivity is to reboot my machine.  


This has been happening on and off for months, some days worse than others.  Any thoughts?

Re: MiFi 2200 - Connectivity Issues while tethered
Verizon Employee

        Its very frustrating to be having connectivity issues with your MIFI. Does this happen when you connect to another device? Please go to www.vzam.net and check to see if your device has the updated software. Please also remove the battery and retest.

Please post your results.



Thank you