MiFi 2200 USB no password upon install and no access to

New Mobile broadband user and currently have the mifi 2200 hooked up to windows xp desktop with usb cable.  I installed vzmanager and no screen came up to put the password in that showed in the manual.  I tried to get to to no avail.

Can this only be accessed by connecting wirelessly?  I am waiting to install the software on the vista laptop that we will use wireless until we see how the 30 day trial goes.

Also, I would think since the mifi is connected to the usb via cable that I won't have to use the charger and the usb connection will keep the battery charged.  Is this correct?

My last question is when connecting I click on connect through manager and I get connected.  Is there a way to click connect but then have to put a password in on the desktop with windows xp so the kids can't just click on connect and get on the internet.


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while it is tethered via usb to desktop, there is no need for name/password that came with manual.


the name/password is only for accessing the mifi via wifi.


you also cannot access the web admin while mifi is tethered to desktop, you can only get to web admin when computer is connected to mifi via wifi.