MiFi 2200 connectivity issues...

We have had MiFi service with Verizon for quit some time now.  Every since we attempted to upgrade to 4G we have had problems.  We were told that we were not in 4G territory so went back to a 3G MiFi2200.  Everyday we have connectivity problems.  I have called so many times and still we have trouble connecting or staying connected.  Sometimes we can get right on and other time we cannot.  Everyday we have problems with staying connected.  When I call for support I get the same scripted response.  Several times a “ticket” has been generated.  On the first ticket I received a phone call saying that there was no Verizon problem in my area.  The other tickets I only received feedback on when I called in.  Again there was no internet problem, it was felt to be a device problem with the MiFi unit.  Recently my husband took the device to work with him, which is in a more tower rich area and he left it on all day and did not experience any troubles.  At this juncture I would like to reach someone that can resolve this issue once and for all.  I am no longer going to call customer service only to receive promises of call backs and assurance that this will be fixed.  To date , Claire, Jordan and Tracy are not able to help me and Adam and Mary cannot keep their promises to call me back.  These are only a few of the people I have talked to.  I want this resolved so that I can go online and do what I need to do and not become frustrated with no service.  If this is a problem that Verizon cannot resolve for me I would like to be let out of my contract.  Hopefully this will reach someone who has a vested interest in upholding their companies credibility to be a reliable internet provider.  Sincerely, KJ