MiFi 4510L Battery problem

Ours MiFi 5410L has battery problems (draining when plugged in). I've called verizon, but they try to get my to buy yet another POS device. I have to use this one because it has a plug for an external antenna, which I have to have in order to even get service here.

With mine, I have to charge the battery in another device, then transfer the fully charged battery to the crapola device and that's the only way I can get it to work. It won't charge while it's plugged in and I had to laugh when someone said to take the battery out altogether and just leave it "plugged in". That does NOTHING. You can't run this POS without the battery in it. The charger is fine, it works on my other mifi cards (we have 3 ) and the battery is brand new, fresh out of the package less than a week ago. It's our 5th battery, btw.

Plain and simple- the device is TRASH. Buy something else through amazon so you aren't stuck in a dang contract.

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